Harmony and materials

Quality tissue library, refurbishment of seats, making of curtains, and renowned French decorative paintings.

Upholstery fabrics / Decorative paints / Seat refurbishment

The tissue library

In our tissue library, we offer a large choice of fabrics from publishers such as Pierre Frey, Braquenié, Boussac, Canovas, etc., ranging from classic to contemporary and at different price ranges, and also rods (houlès) and trimmings .

We welcome you to our showroom to get to know your project better: curtains, refurbishment of seats, wall hangings and wallpaper and share a moment of conviviality, from there we make a preselection of fabric, development of a free estimate, possible travel to the customer for measurement


A large choice of fabrics allows our customers to give their seats a second life, by covering all stages of the repair: both on the woodwork and on the traditional and ecological relining.

The fabrics from our editors are a great way to revamp your interior: both for wall hangings and curtains, two beautiful combinations of decoration, not to mention wallpapers.

Resource paintings

A pioneering French brand in the manufacture of high-end decorative paints, Ressource is the choice of demanding decoration professionals and enthusiasts.

The choice of quality