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Three generations who knew how to evolve and reinvent themselves over time, to serve you better.

A family story / A team of experts / a human adventure

Logo ROUCHON Ameublement - Mobilier et décoration à Sarlat, en Dordogne

Established since 1918 in Montignac and Sarlat, in the Périgord Noir, the ROUCHON family has worked with solid and veneered wood for 3 generations. This unique experience in the manufacture of furniture has allowed the ROUCHON family to develop by distributing its own creations, then today a range of furniture, decorative objects and fabrics from publishers from all over the world.

Ambassador and defender of French know-how thanks to its creations, ROUCHON is today a cultural crossroads which offers in its shop a variety of exceptional heteroclytes found here and there on the globe. The achievements in Asia, Russia, the Middle East, the United States and Europe, have given this network an international dimension to the store. The enhancement of French know-how has thus been extended to a craftsmanship without borders, united by ROUCHON under the sign of quality.

These original products, unearthed during many trips, are offered to you at the Apartment, in the emblematic shopping street of Sarlat, a medieval city unique in the world, capital of the Périgord Noir, a historical icon of a certain French art of living.

A passionate and experienced team

Eric ROUCHON, mobilier et décoration à Sarlat, Dordogne


Manager and leader, Eric is originally from Sarlat. A proud defender of Made in France, he has built his experience around the manufacture of furniture in France for 40 years.

Recognized designer, partner of Jean Nouvel, he has always been appreciated for this rare know-how, as much as for his listening and his availability.

Bernadette ROUCHON, aménagement d'intérieur, décoratrice, à Sarlat, Dordogne


For more than 30 years, Bernadette has embellished your daily life with her unique know-how in interior decoration.

Designer and scriptwriter of the staging of the apartment, she uses her talents to transform your interiors, from the genesis of your projects to the closing of the building sites. Bernadette claims a culture of heart-stopping purchases, surprises and the unexpected. She is always on the lookout for novelties that will make the trends of tomorrow, and nuggets that will make you fall in love.

Patrice, décorateur d'intérieur à Sarlat, Dordogne


Back in Périgord after 30 years in the world of luxury and haute-couture, Patrice will share with you his knowledge and his passion for decoration and the history of art.

Thanks to it, you will discover behind each object a particular story, which will give all its meaning to your interior.

Céline, décoratrice d'intérieur à Sarlat, Dordogne


A sparkling look and a bright smile? No doubt, you are facing Celine. After 20 years of advice in ready-to-wear, she is your contact specialist in decoration.

Céline is Bernadette’s right-hand man, in charge of the scenography of the objects in the apartment. She always finds harmony in the details, which perfects your interior.



Smiling, attentive and attentive to providing impeccable service, we appreciate Sébastien because he always has a solution, an essential quality at the time of the work.

He has been laying and furnishing your interiors for more than 30 years, so many years spent honing his ingenuity and his tips, which make him your best ally.